Toby Free Productions—Vaporwave, Synthwave, Chillwave and Deephouse music.
Toby Free Productions – Vaporwave, Synthwave, Chillwave and Deephouse music.

We own a professional audio recording studio with external Nio 2|4 soundcard, Yamaha 01x digital mixer, Sennheiser headphones and Neumann condenser microphone with pop screen. Here a high german voice over demo on SoundCloud.com.


Toby Free (born January 29, 1980, Potsdam, Germany) is a German electronica musician and founder of the record label TobyFree.com Records. Living near Berlin Toby Free produces Synthwave and Electronica music.

As young teenager Toby Free went to house parties at the weekends and was fascinated by the sound. Toby heard mainly classic stuff from Strictly Rhythm. Back then Toby Free also played video games too often with his friends on Amigas and liked the music of games like Turrican, which was composed by Chris Hülsbeck.

High German Voice Over Translation & Recording Studio
High German Voice Over Translation & Recording Studio

This was also the time when Toby Free first started experimenting with the Protracker music software on the Amiga. Later on he switched to the Mignon sequencer from SEKD, Studio für elektronische Klangerzeugung Dresden, which then developed Samplitude. Today he often uses Renoise as DAW for his music production with VST plugins from Native Instruments and Waldorf Music. So, Toby Free describes himself as an audiophile!

After that Toby Free worked at some companies. Toby Free wrote and recorded this music actually for himself – for motivation and for relaxation. He thinks that firstly someone has to play and record the music. Toby Free hopes you will enjoy and appreciate this music as well and listen to it in the Music & More Online Store.

We also offer language & translation services from english to german and BTW Toby Free is single and likes to go fishing.

Synthwave logo template with layer styles in Photoshop as PSD
Synthwave Logo Template – Download the Photoshop PSD template here (editable text, 7 layer styles, 2 fonts included, for PS CS2 or higher, ZIP file download starts automatically)
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