Synthwave Fans! How to find related synthwave artists on

Some days ago I was searching for new synthwave groups in our world wide wet beside the ones on Facebook, Reddit and now deactivated Soundcloud groups to find related synthwave artists and to introduce our music. I found some in the steam community forums like Synthwavefx8.

And when searching for “synthwave groups” I found this new website called So I submitted our artists details to—a new website, trying to create an active synthwave community apart from Facebook, which I personally do not use anymore because it hosts stolen videos from Youtube and Facebook has become too cluttered and unusable.

Find related synthwave artists on
Find related synthwave artists on Screenshot from

Yesterday the owner of accepted to publish us on the artists page but forgot to update the link pointing to it. So I phoned him personally to call attention, because I was too lazy to type an email! He did not wanted money to update the website, so I offered him this deal: When you update your site I will twitter your site link to my 2xxx follower—he agreed and so I think we both are happy!

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