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My pseudonym name is Toby and I am a single man without children translating from English or French to German (de-DE) since 2013.

I was born in the year 1980 in Potsdam, Germany.

Since 2013 I have rented a nice apartment in a lovely little village in the state Brandenburg, Germany – next to Berlin, Germany.

I hold a degree as Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) in Computer Science.

I had been typing translations from English or French to German (de-DE) firstly for and more clients as you can check everything at this landing page.

I am a slim human beeing. My weight should vary around 65 to 70 kilogram and my height seems to be constantly decreasing by about 1 mm per month!

My favourite sports are swimming, fishing and cycling through woods.

You can send me a message via SMS or WhatsApp to 004915229705418 or visit my contact page.

For more details about you or even a photo of you I would be very happy.


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reed at lake

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